All of Father Charles E. Coughlin’s Radio Sermons in High Defnition Audio

28 Jan

Starting this week, I will be including all of Father Charles Coughlin’s radio-sermons on my site, all of them re-mastered in high-definition 192k audio-quality.  To do this, I will need to get a premium WordPress account, and after I get the money, then I will not only up-load all of these audio files that I have re-mastered, but also host my narrations on my own site as requested by some others.



NB:  Someone had asked me away from the site how to save the recordings to listen later, and all you have to do is RIGHT-CLICK ON THE FILE, AND CHOOSE TO “SAVE AS” and that is it.


2 Responses to “All of Father Charles E. Coughlin’s Radio Sermons in High Defnition Audio”

  1. gloriosaedominae1 September 5, 2013 at 3:17 am #

    Hi Lindsey, How are things going on this project? Also, where can I find your narrations currently? Based on this post, it sounds like they are not currently on this site. But I will continue to look. I have not been very active at the Info Underground, actually not many people are these days, but I post under the handle Father Brown over there.

    Either way, I lost the audio files I had of your Protocols in modern English and the paper you read which started out talking about the Polish government and the Jewish problem. I might have them stored on a thumb drive somewhere, but I hope to find them for download and just store them in my iTunes.

    Thanks. Always enjoyed your take on things and I do appreciate your efforts.

  2. gloriosaedominae1 September 5, 2013 at 3:22 am #

    Well I found all your narration files. That’s great. Sorry for the above post. Just had to scroll down. But I guess the question about the Father Coughlin files still stands. Sure looking forward to these if you are able to post them.

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