22 Jul

This is the kind of activity that to many REAL TRUTH-TELLERS find themselves facing.

The Ugly Truth


Today, July 22, 2012, I received a number of emails from an individual claming to be part of your organization, Jewish Defense League, designated by the US Justice Department and the FBI to be a terrorist organization. This individual claimed to be in possession of personal information about me that could then be used to inflict bodily harm on myself and my family members as a result of my choosing to exercise my God-given right to freedom of speech.

The incident has been reported to the local sheriff’s department and tomorrow morning I have conferences scheduled with agents of both the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, at which time I will be providing them with copies of the various emails and the email address of the individual who sent them.

It is an established fact that you are a terrorist organization responsible for multiple murders, arsons, bombings, shootings…

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