The Arab Spring, Clash of Civilizations et al–Cui Bono?

1 Aug

This is my essay on the subject of WHO is sabotaging peace in the Middle-East, and world for that matter, WHAT precisely has happened in the past and happening now, WHEN major infiltration events took place, WHERE in our world these infiltrations took-place, WHY things are happening as they are and real peace-and-prosperity across our world is not allowed to occur, and HOW, with KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION, things in the Middle East and the rest of the world can begin to change. I hope that you all enjoy it, and please share it far-and-wide as the information contained within the essay is vitally important for people who are unaware of it.

So that all of you also know, there is a discussion of the essay that can be found here:

Please participate in recommending ways that the essay can be improved-upon, as well as ideas for other essays of this same style.  TIU is a great forum, and we welcome new members.

I want to thank Mr. Jeff Rense for posting the essay, and sharing the information contained within it with the world.  I am so very grateful to him for publishing it, and I only hope that people in The Middle East see the information and know why things are the way that they are.

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One Response to “The Arab Spring, Clash of Civilizations et al–Cui Bono?”

  1. sophiah8says October 6, 2013 at 5:58 pm #

    All religions were started as tool to keep the people subjugated

    The Hidden Hand cares not which religion rules in what nation as long as there is a religion so the Hidden Hand knows the people are totally controlled.

    The Hidden Hand dates back before the raggedy mobs gathered in Egypt to form a
    underground thug class which was easily manipulated by the fake Pharoah who was a crypto jeue passing for an Egyptian and helped the mob escape with all their stolen loot and his caskets of the whole treasury when they fled Egypt , initiated their new unified name JEWS/Israel and went on to roam from Oasis to Oasis enjoying the best food and entertainments until the began to practice military exercises and build an army to begin the slaughter across ME as described in their Old Testament.

    They had to have a religion so the leader Moses/Akhnaten went up on the hill and carved some LAWS to control and make shame the tool to oppress the people
    When he broke the first clay tablet he wet back in private and carved another and constant PR ever since has made those descendants and TOOO many non jeues believ those jeues got chozen by god .

    Until we can see a god and witness his choosing one people as special
    we as Euro White descendants must see ALL religions as tools of the Hidden Hand
    avoid every one of them and TRUST only in our own Heritage.

    http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=ojURinsx0UM

    Enjoy !


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